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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: Robot Gang Project Complete... For Now!

TOP: Maksim's robot gang (painted and everything!).

Hi All,

Short post today... mostly I wanted to prove that I could finish a project. These are the same robots from a few weeks ago that I was working on... the "Savage-munda" gang. I assembled them, primed them, put a base coat, a wash, a little bit of detail and pronounced them ready for combat. I'm no Matakishi, but I'm proud that I got these guys from raw metal to ready in less than a week's time... with a busy work week.

TOP: The robot gang takes cover.
TOP: The robots scoured the cargo yard looking for the missing droid.
TOP: Maksim's droid gang really had to have something in this cargo yard...
They searched it for... like forever!

TOP: Maksim's robot gang (bottom) started next to...
An abandoned construction tractor (middle)...
And a weird ventilation complex (top).

I still have some more bots in my "28mm Robot" storage shoe box, but these guys are table-ready for now.

Have a great Tuesday!


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