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Saturday, August 04, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: 6mm Zombies & Ork Bommaz!

TOP: Ork Bommaz lumber through the skies of Aeronautica Imperialis!

Hi All,

Lots of good news for the 6mm gamer this week:

1. 6mm Zombies!
2. 6mm Ork Bommaz!
3. 6mm Ork Bommz!

1. 6mm Zombies!

Warmaster Nice
of The Epic Lounge shared some great photos of the new 6mm zombies coming out for the Exodus Wars 6mm sci-fi miniatures line:

TOP: Exodus Wars' upcoming 6mm zombies by Warmaster Nice!

I got a chance to breeze through the Epicomms forums earlier this week (Link on tight sidebar) and found the above photos of cool 6mm zombies from my buddy, Warmaster Nice. Exodus Wars is using that wonderful sculptor, Bob Naismith, as is Dark Realm Miniatures. These 6mm zombies have wonderful character although some miniatures gamers don't like the high proportion of "child zombies" or "zombie hobbits" in the forthcoming unreleased pack.

Please take a gander at Warmaster Nice's wonderful Epic site if you get a chance:

And keep checking out the Exodus Wars site for when the new 6mm zombies release:

And speaking of 6mm zombies, I posted about the 6mm Irregular "Riot Pack" with a photo way back in 2006. Find the post here:

I can think of one other source for 6mm zombies off the top of my head: "Z scale" railroad figures. They make good civilians or, with a little "graveyard skin pallor," make good zombies as well.

2. 6mm Ork Bommaz!

TOP: The sculpts really remind me of the WWII German Me-323 Gigant.

Forgeworld came out with no less than three different sculpts for their new Ork Bomma... and they're all magnificent! Apparently all three sculpts have mix and match pieces to increase the amount of variety available. They're more than a bit pricey at 12 Pounds Sterling each (...Roughly twenty-four US Dollars), but they're unique sculpts with lots of character.

TOP: There's an option to picture the Bomma...
...with Bommz being dropped out the back end!
Reminds me of C-130s dropping Daisy Cutters in 'Nam.

And way back around the time Epic-Armageddon was being playtested, I built some of my own Ork Bommaz for the playtest version of Ork Bommas, which were later removed from the game. Typical GW, first they come up with a wonderful idea, then cut it out of the game and then bring it back again. Experimental rules for the Ork Bomma in Aeronautica Imperialis (...but not Epic-Armageddon) are available from Forgeworld. I couldn't find any painted photos of my home-made version, but I did find a work bench shot:

TOP: My home-made Ork Bommas built several years ago.

It's made from a BFG Ork Ramship with Ork Fighta wings and 1/285 GHQ ordinance. I built half a dozen variants of this model, which happily bombed Chern's Space Marines to oblivion back in the good ol' days of Epic-Armageddon.

You can check out the Aeronautica Imperialis line from Forgeworld here:

3. 6mm Ork Bommz!

TOP: 6mm Ork Bommz from Forgeworld!

has also come out with an ordinance set for the Ork Flyaz from the Aeronautica Imperialis game. It's a bit pricey at 10 Pounds Sterling (...Roughly twenty US Dollars), but where else can you find goofy Ork Bommz?

As always, Forgeworld can be found here:

Have a great Saturday!

And Shabbat Shalom if you're one of my Jewish readers!

Shabbat Shalom,

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