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Monday, August 06, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: New 6mm Microarmor Manufacturer!

TOP: U.S. W.W.I.I. T30 Howitzer Motor Carriage by Bob MacKenzie.

Hi All,

A new microarmor manufacturer appeared over the weekend:


Welcome to the scene, ARMSTRONG!

You can find their fledgling web site here:

And according to their press release, this is their plan as a manufacturer:
We present for you a range of 1:300th scale miniatures for conducting large-scale wargames without the outlay of larger scales. The range will be added to as fast as I can!
The product range looks good with lots of rarer vehicles, previously unavailable, being included in their lines:

Prices as indicated by code, otherwise individually priced.
A= 55p, B= 80p, C=£1.50

* Means that this product is available.

Italian Range:
It1, Dovunque-Viberti Radio truck. A*
It2, Autocannone 102/35 su CM50 Milmart self propelled Naval gun 102mm. B*
It3, Autocannone 65/17 su Morris Self propelled 65mm gun. A*
It4, Armoured Morris ammunition truck for Auto portei batteries. A
It5, Lancia 3RO Self propelled 100/17 Howitzer. B
It6, Lancia 90/53 Self propelled AA gun. B
It7, M13/40 Command Tank. A
It8, 65/17 Infantry gun with crew. A
It9, Breda Tipo 90/53 - Forthcoming.
It10, Breda Tipo heavy truck. - Forthcoming.
It11, Fiat 508 Topolino - Forthcoming.
It12, Dovunque light truck - Forthcoming.
It13, Ciano self propelled 75mm AA Gun - Forthcoming.

TOP: An Armstrong prototype mini, possibly from the Italian W.W.I.I. line.

British Range:
Br1, Morris 15cwt truck with tilt. A*
Br2, Morris Radio truck Mk2. A
Br3, 18pdr Mk1 Field gun with No24 Limber (BEF/ Hungarian Battery). A
Br4, Morris FAT1. A
Br5, Bedford MW 15cwt truck with tilt. A
Br6, Bedford MW Radio truck. A
Br7, Austin K2 Ambulance. A
Br8, 6pounder Portee. A
Br9, 2pounder portee. A

TOP: U.S. W.W.I.I. T30 Howitzer Motor Carriage prototype by Bob MacKenzie.

American Range:
Am1, M3 Halftrack. A
Am2, T30 HMC mounting 75mm Pack Howitzer. A
Am3, M3 Tank Destroyer mounting “French 75”. A
Am4, T19 HMC mounting 105mm M2 Howitzer. A

Russian Range:
Ru1, SU57, SP 57mm gun. A
Ru2, SU76i 76mm self propelled gun on captured Pz3 tank chassis. A
Ru3, Odessa Tank. A
Ru4, SU45. A
Ru5, STZ5 Artillery tractor. A

TOP: An Armstrong prototype mini, possibly from the German W.W.I.I. line.

German Range:
Ge1, Pz3 F 37mm gun tank. A
Ge2, Pz3 H/J Short/Long 50mm gun tank. A
Ge3, Pz3 N 75mm howitzer tank. With etched schurtzen. A
Ge4, Stug3 B Assault gun. A
Ge5, Stug3 D Assault gun. A
Ge6, Stug3 F Assault gun. A
Ge7, Stug3 G Assault gun. With Welded & Saukopf mantlets & Etched schurtzen. A
Ge8, Stuh42 105mm Fire support with Welded & Saukopf mantlets & Etched schurtzen. A
Ge9, Pioneer Panzer3. A
Ge10, Bergepanzer3 with Anhanger. B
Ge11, leSPW-304 APC. A*
Ge12, leSPW-304 APC with Mortar. A
Ge13, leSPW-304 APC command with 37mm PAK. A
Ge14, leSPW-304 APC Pioneer wagon. A
Ge15, leSPW-304 APC Command radio. A
Ge16, 75mm PAK auf Hotchkiss. A
Ge17, 75mm PAK auf Lorraine. A
Ge18, 105mm Howitzer auf Lorraine. A
Ge19, Somua Mittlerer personnel carrier. A
Ge20, Somua Reihenwerfer. A*
Ge21, Panzerjager PAK40 auf SomuaP301. A*
Ge22, Somua “Katyuska”. A
Ge23, Somua Munitions wagen - Forthcoming.
Ge24, AML Mortar carrier. A
Ge25, Lorraine Beobachtungs wagon. A
Ge26, 76.2mmPAK39 auf SD6 “Diana”. A
Ge27, 10cm K18. A - Forthcoming.
Ge28, 24CM k18 - Forthcoming.

Empire WW2 Range:
In1, Indian Wheeled carrier. A
In2, Karrier Spider FAT. A
In3, 3.7inch Pack howitzer. A
So1, Marmon Herrington Mk2 Armoured car. A
Ca1, Otter Scout car. A

French W.W.I.I. Range:
Fr1, French 75 mounted on a medium truck - Forthcoming.
Fr2, French 25mm ATG mounted on a light truck - Forthcoming.
Fr3, Halftrack reconnaissance vehicle AMC M1929 P16 - Forthcoming.
Fr4, ZT2 25mm SPG - Forthcoming.
Fr5, ZT3 37mm SPG - Forthcoming.
Fr6, Renault AMR33 - Forthcoming.
Fr7, 4.7cm APX Anti Tank Gun - Forthcoming.

X Gauge Rail Guns & Locomotives:
X1, Kurz Bruno. £4.80 *
X2, “Winnie” 14inch gun. £4.80 *
X3, “Pooh” 18inch Rail Howitzer. £4.80 *
X4, V188 Diesel Manoeuvring Locomotive.
£3.00 *
X5, BR-- Locomotive - Forthcoming.
X6, Crew carriage. £3.00 *
X7, Ammunition van. £3.00 *
X8, Flak wagon with Flak 38. £3.00 *
X9, Flat wagon for springing mines or carrying goods. £2.00 *

And despite the new manufacturer being run by a chap named Ian Armstrong, my friend Bob is also obviously involved. You can check out his wonderful web site here:

Have a great Monday!


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