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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: New 6mm Sci-fi Aliens From Baccus!

TOP: Command Horizon, 6mm Sci-fi as only Baccus could do it!

Hi All,

Peter Berry of Baccus does it again. I'm happy to share his latest miniatures news and photos of his new product:

TOP: New FLABs AKA Centauroids with APCs.

We've been promising to release some infantry for the Centaurs for some while now. I'm pleased to be able to say that not only are the FLAB infantry now available, but we've also released two Armoured Personnel Carriers for them. A Light and a Medium version. And to be even-handed, the Humans get some Air-support with the addition of a Fighter.

You'll find piccies and full details at:

TOP: Another view of a FLAB APC section with accompanying infantry.

We're also working away on the next update to the CH rules themselves which will allow you use the Centaur modules and infantry to full effect. We've been chatting about Combat Engineers some really nasty Area Denial rules and all sorts of goodies. As ever, there's still lots more yet to come in the Command Horizon ranges.


I've long been of fan of Peter's and am very happy to see the Baccus brand name attached to a new 6mm sci-fi game. I've participated in the development of the game contributing to the background and game mechanics although I can confidently say that the existing Command Horizon rule set is primarily the genius work of Peter and his chief caster AKA henchman, Igor. And, of course, the fans like myself have been a big part of the development of the game as well!

His new FLABs AKA Centauroids are very cool 6mm sci-fi aliens and the accompanying range of miniatures is outstanding... He's already done more with this range than Gladiator did in all the years they had it.

And, oh... what's a FLAB? Here's the background story:

TOP: A front view of a FLAB AKA Centauroid infantry stand.

Over the last couple of months you’ve witnessed the release of a number of Centaur vehicles - but what about the beings behind them? Why are they called ‘Centaurs’ and where do they come from?

Their full story is yet to be published. What was known of them prior to the first and devastating contact of 2607 came to us from the Intelligence Service of the secretive ‘Sisters of Galactic Enlightenment’.

Their contact was the result of tenuous and as yet undisclosed forms of communication with the aliens. It was from these initial impressions that the term ‘Centaur’ first came into use. Little of the physical appearance was apparent from the contact other than that they were quadrupeds with two arms and bilateral symmetry. It proved too tempting to link them to the Centaur race of ancient Greek Mythology and that name was adopted. In fact this proved to be spurious as their appearance proved to be nothing like the half-man, half-horse of legend.

TOP: A rear view of a FLAB infantry stand.

It’s not known who first coined the term ‘FLABs’ for the Centaurs. It certainly originated in the military and was in wide usage from the very earliest campaigns against them. The origin is as a simple acronym, whose most acceptable rendering is ‘Four Legged Alien Beings’. It is an absolute certainty that the original wording was less ‘correct’ in its language.

And here's one of the preview photos of the new human fighter release:

TOP: The Human Skyfighter!

Have a great Wednesday!


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