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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: 28mm Government Teleportation Pad Complex (GTPC)!

TOP: Government Teleportation Pad by Mark C.

Hi All,

Last month a bunch of friends got together at the MWS gaming club meeting on 21 July 2007 and had a great time gaming, the way it's supposed to be: a bunch of friends gathering, all having prepped some figures for sci-fi skirmish gangs (...I brought a robot gang), a well thought-out game scenario, and some gorgeous terrain. Mark C., Richard M., Mike O., and I built gangs to play in Richard's adaptation of Necromunda to the Savage Worlds rule set. The Savage-munda game was a good time for all who played in it.

One of the stand-outs from the terrain lay-out was the Government Teleportation Pad Complex (GTPC), which was made from three pieces:

1. A large two-story structure with an open passage through it.
2. An attached landing pad structure for aircraft.
3. A circular Teleportation Pad that could be placed on the landing pad.

It's Mark C.'s creation so please take a gander and admire his craftsmanship:

TOP: A view of HUD-po-ville, 28mm sci-fi scenery.
You can see the GTPC in the lower right of the photo.

TOP: Looking through the GTPC.

TOP: The Government Teleportation Pad with the attached complex structure.

The round semi-opaque domes make the "teleportation magic" happen!

TOP: The Government Teleportation Pad... with a former Government employee.

They get great salaries, but the death benefits really suck.
Ask him... or don't.

TOP: Mark's AT-43 gang laying the hurt on Mike's gang.

Please notice how Government employees don't seem to mind stepping on each other.
The skeletal remains of that Government employee sure don't get much respect.

TOP: Mark's AT-43 gang (top right) ambushed Mike's Necromunda gang (middle right).

It really sucked to be Mike.

In the game, it ended up being the death knell for poor Mike O. who snuck around in the sewers and ended up randomly popping up under Mark C.'s gang, which was slaughter... to be caught out in the open with a well-armed enemy in superior firing position... who also happened to have grenades. Mike O. was a good sport about it though. Good for him. He later reincarnated back into the game as some NPCs of the "Orkie" persuasion.

I really love these terrain pieces!

Have a great Wednesday!


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