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Friday, August 10, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "YONDERBOY: I want 6mm brainnnsss!"

TOP: YB - Holding out against the horde...
Minis are from Irregular Miniatures 6mm Riot Range.

Hi All,

One of the things I like best about maintaining my gaming blog is hearing from others or having my projects and photos inspire others. One of my pet projects over time has been to build a 6mm "Zombie Town" and I've posted from time to time as I've built more and more miniatures adn terrain towards this goal. One fellow 6mm minis fanatic who has been inspired by my work and kind enough to write has been Mike AKA Yonderboy (YB). Mike recently was kind enough to write and share some photos from his 6mm zombie project. I hope you enjoy them:

TOP: YB - Survivors in 6mm:
Minis are from Irregular Miniatures 6mm Riot Range.

Buildings are my own cardstock creations.
From left to right: Sam L. Johnson (detective), Jerry (postman), Dr. Hawthorne,

Jeff (w/pistol), Savannah (lady trucker in red cap and vest), &
Mrs. Johnson (with whacking purse), Billy Bob (hunter).

TOP: YB - More survivors in 6mm:
Minis are from Irregular Miniatures 6mm Riot Range.
Left to right: Rev. Jameson, Timmy (w/bat), Red (drifter with 2by4),
Lucy and Mrs. C (must be protected at all costs), Bob (medic), &
Tanya (with pink headphones and pipe).

TOP: YB - Hardsuited fire team ready to extract survivors:
Infantry and tanks are from Ground Zero Games Dirtside range.
Walker is from Games Workshop Epic Imperial Guard.

TOP: YB - The more the merrier:
Minis are from Irregular Miniatures 6mm Riot Range.
Buildings are my own cardstock creations.

TOP: YB - To the roof...
Minis are from Irregular Miniatures 6mm Riot Range.

I was very impressed and inspired by his work... which reminds me that I need to work on my "6mm Down Town Urban City" project! Godzilla needs someplace to stomp when the Zeds aren't in town! I've been too distracted by the 28mm undead lately...

Thanks Mike AKA Yonderboy!

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Have a great Friday!


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