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Thursday, July 05, 2007

GAMING NEWS: Photos From June 2007 MWS Meeting Posted.

.There was a "RUMBLE-LIAH" in this Dark Ages village at the June MWS meet!

Hi All,

I've simply been too busy and lazy to get some proper battle reports ready, but I do have the photos uploaded and... that's almost as good, right?

So, I have the following blog posts I'm readying for sometime in the future... no promises though as to when. Real Life TM always seems to intervene just when I get excited to get them done. Here's what I have in the queue:

- AAR from June MWS meet featuring Pig Wars.
- AAR from a 28mm WHFB game with my buddy Nils.
- AAR from a 28mm "Oriental Adventures" game with Vynnie and the guys.
- A 15mm expose of classic Martian Metals / RAFM figures for Traveller.
- A compilation post of "joke names" used in games such as Pvt. Parts & Maj. Weiner.
- The Death Star Mania post.

Pig Wars Norman knights run down an unfortunate village dog...
...contrary to the PETA Emperor's orders.
(Note: No actual miniatures dogs were hurt during the filming of this game)
(Really small note: However, plenty of villagers, pillagers, pigs, & chickens were kacked!)

But, enough of my prattle, here are the photos from the June MWS meet even if I don't have the write-up prepared yet:

General photos including Dick's 28mm Savage-munda "Bad Girls" gang:

Photos from the 15mm Battle of New Orleans game:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the battles:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the loot:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the Dark Ages village:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the Arab warband:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the Magyar warband:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the Norman warband:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the Pict warband:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the "Milanese Mafia" Viking warband:

Photos from the 28mm Pig Wars game of the "Norveggi" Viking warband:

You can't play Pig Wars without the obligatory "Milanese Mafia" Viking warband, right?
These minis are Dick's fine work.

Have a great Thursday!


For the not-yet-informed, AAR = After Action Report.

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