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Thursday, January 17, 2008

MINI WARGAMING: "CH Has New Goodies!" (17 January 2008)

TOP: 6mm sci-fi Command Horizon fighters with new 6mm ordinance.
Hi All,

Still very busy, but I took a breather moment to share the latest and greatest in 6mm sci-fi with you... Command Horizon (CH) has all kinds of new goodies coming!
Time for a quick update of what will be happening with the Command Horizon ranges this year!

Firstly, there is a new release. The first of the accessory packs for the Human Skim and Aerospace fighters is now available, enabling you to add extra armament to your models. Igor's already equipped a couple of units with them.

TOP: New 6mm sci-fi Command Horizon fighter ordinance.
CHH23 - Aerospace Weapons Twelve (12) sprues per pack.

Upgrade your Skim Fighters and Aerospace Fighters with a range of aerospace Ordinance. These extra weapons can be attached to hard points on the undersides of the wings of the models. Each sprue contains:

Light Launcher Pack (LLP)
Light Anti-Aerospace Missile (LAAM)
Medium Anti-Aerospace Missile (MAAM)
Medium Aerospace-Surface Missile (MASM)

£3.30 including VAT
£2.80 ex-Vat

The New Year seems to have kicked in several dormant circuits in Igor's brain as he has been tied to his keyboard feverishly working away on updating the Command Horizon rules, and a new version is not far away now. This year, we will continue to expand both the Human and the Centaur ranges. Both will get more infantry variants, combat engineers and aerospace craft. There are also some very nice larger models for both races on the design bench, so be prepared for some spectacular additions later in the year.

2008 will also see us add the third race to the range. For all you fans of things that slither, the Worms are coming.

We'll be attending both the Vapnartak show in York on February 3rd and the Hammerhead SF and Fantasy show in Newark on February 10th. If you want to place any pre-orders, please do get in touch. If you want to ask any more questions about what we've got planned, come and have a chat.


A little "linkety-link":

TMP link:

TGN link:

CH link:

CH 6mm Sci-fi Ordinance Link:

TOP: 6mm sci-fi Command Horizon fighters with new 6mm ordinance.

Good news for the 6mm sci-fi scene!

Have a great Thursday!


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