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Thursday, August 09, 2007

GAMING NEWS: Happy Belated Birthday Primarch & Net-Epic 2007!

. TOP: The EPICentre - home of Net-Epic!

Hi Everyone,

Well, Net-Epic has lasted another year and so has Peter Ramos, the father of the Net-Epic project!

*** What's Net-Epic you ask? ***

Well, Net-Epic is one of the truly lasting counter-culture movements in the gaming community...

Epic itself was a small-scale (6mm or roughly 1/285 scale) miniatures game that was created some time around 1989 with the first edition called Adeptus Titanicus I, which featured combat between "Titans" or giant robots in the nascent world of Citadel / GW's 40k universe. A few years later, Space Marine 1rst Edition came out, which added vehicles and infantry to the giant robot mix. And a few years after that, Space Marine or Epic Space Marine 2nd Edition came out, sometime in the early 1990s, which made a huge impression in the gaming community. Expansions came out, new miniatures were sculpted... it was a happy time.

And then the unhappy times came to players of what are now known as the Specialist Games line... GW (Games Workshop, the megalithic UK game company that has dominated the miniatures hobby) decided to cancel almost all of their popular side games to concentrate on their main line: the 28mm sci-fi 40k game and the 28mm fantasy game, Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Epic was tossed unceremoniously to the side. It was almost recreated in an abortive game called Epic-40k in the late 1990s, but the company quickly rejected the game and stopped supporting it in something like six months of its initial debut. This was around 1997 to 1998.

The result was that the Epic 6mm sci-fi community was abandoned... We kept playing, but the company had left us behind for other pastures. Enter the Net-Epic project! Peter "Primarch" Ramos organized a team of fans to continue work on the Epic game utilizing the very popular Space Marine 2nd Edition game engine as the basis of a fan-created Epic game. And thus, Net-Epic was born! ...And what a success it has been! It's been "I-don't-know-how-many-years-later" and even the official Epic folks over at GW / Specialist Games have recognized the Net-Epic project.

As a side note, the name of one of the original Net-Epic web sites as well as the Net-Epic fanzine was called the "EPIcentre Incoming" and is still around, to my knowledge, although now it's simply called "Incoming!" and covers games other than Epic.

UPDATE (8:00pm PST, 9 August 2007): Peter wrote in:

Net-Epic was founded January 16th, 1997, several months before the release of Epic-40k. The first version saw its' release in November of 1997 and it's currently in its' 5th version and the Net-Epic team is working hard for the next version to be in full color.

TOP: Ramos Circle, is it named after Peter?

At any rate, Happy belated birthday (...it was yesterday) to Peter Ramos and the rest of the Net-Epic gang!


For more information about Net-Epic, please check out these sites:

Newest Net-Epic site:


Slightly older Net-Epic site:

Net-Epic Discussion Group at Yahoo E-groups:

Specialist Games, home of latest official Epic game, Epic-Armageddon:

And my friend Stephane's site (...in France) with an article about Net-Epic:


Have a great Thursday!


The center of all Epic gaming can be found here:

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  • At 7:06 PM, August 09, 2007, Blogger primarch said…


    My thanks to Maksim for the well wishes!

    For those who like trivia, netepic was founded January 16th, 1997. Several months before the release of epic 40k. The first version saw its release in November of 1997 and its currently in its 5th version and working hard for a full color version.

    As always, my thanks to the fans whom have kept netepic alive over 10 years. May it see many more!

    Peter (a.k.a primarch)

  • At 8:01 AM, August 10, 2007, Blogger MaksimSmelchak said…

    Hi Peter,

    You're welcome!

    It's good to hear from you.



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