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Friday, August 24, 2007

FUN VIDEOS: The Saga of "Zombie Kid: I Like Turtles!"


TOP: The video that started it all...

Hi All,

The Internet continues to astound me with the way it's changing our culture, bit by bit... I imagine it's a bit like the way that television and feature films would seem to someone who grew up without them... they've made a profound impact on life. Well, the latest cultural twist, in my opinion, has been the spread of Internet video... on places like Youtube that have essentially put the power of television and film into the hands of the regular man. Independent films are getting easier and easier to film... as well as cheaper. Think of the Blair Witch Project... and the new political battleground is on Blogs (weB-Logs) and... at Youtube. Every savvy candidate now puts his own political ads on Youtube... and since Youtube is essentially free, this makes it much more possible for a political aspirant to not have to come from a moneyed class.

Well, part of the craze has been "viral videos," which are these free videos that have been posted and then become unexpectedly popular... usually to the tune of hundreds of thousands of unique views... and the "Zombie Kid: I Like Turtles!" saga has been a fun one that I've been following... and enjoying the quirkiness of it. Give me "Zombie Kid" any day over PSAs (public service advertisements) or political ads! It all started with the above video...

TOP: Zombie Kid on Bill O'Reilly...

And the next thing we know, the "Zombie Kid: I Like Turtles!" saga made it to a spoof of The Bill O'Reilly Show.

TOP: The Zombie Kid Turtle Song...

And from there, folks started putting the "Zombie Kid: I Like Turtles!" saga to... music.

And from there, hundreds of videos featuring the "Zombie Kid: I Like Turtles!" footage have been made... in every kind of video you could imagine... movie spoofs, music videos to Rock'n'Roll, Heavy Metal, Country & Western music, and every kind of YOU-NAME-IT! I think the above video is a good ending to the saga, but I have a feeling that there will be many more "Zombie Kid: I Like Turtles!" videos before the public's attention turns elsewhere.

Mazel Tov, Jonathan the Zombie Kid! Enjoy your couple of minutes in the lime light... and enjoy those turtles your mom decided to let you have... along with the rest of your menagerie!

I hope you enjoyed the saga of the turtle-adoring Zombie Kid.

Have a great Friday!


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