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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

GAMING NEWS: ConQuest Sac 2007 Photos Posted!

CQ-Sac 2007 attendees enjoying a rousing game of Monster Island!

Hi, Everyone!

I posted photos from the ConQuest-Sac-2007 gaming convention for anyone interested.

*** Warning: ***
Some of the sub-galleries have adult-themed games (strong language, but no nudity other than the occasional naked Pict/Gaul armed with blue war paint and an aim to misbehave). If you have an aversion to adult words, then I recommend you avoid the "Zombietown" sub-gallery. The rest of the galleries and sub-galleries are pretty tame.

You can find them here:

I posted a few photos of attendees under the root and then subdivided the galleries thematically into:

- CQ-Sac_Board-Games-07
- CQ-Sac_Mini-Games-07
- CQ-Sac_RPGs-07
- CQ-Sac_Staff-07
- CQ-Sac_Vendors-07

And then created some sub-galleries as well:

- CQ-Sac_ASL-2007
- CQ-Sac_B-17_2007
- CQ-Sac_Twilight-Imperium_07

- CQ-Sac_40k-Tourney-07
- CQ-Sac_Air-Games-07
- CQ-Sac_Ancients-07
- CQ-Sac_CMGs-07
- CQ-Sac_Monster-Island-07
- CQ-Sac_Naval-WWII-07
- CQ-Sac_Painting-07
- CQ-Sac_Vietnam-07
- CQ-Sac_Westerns-07
- CQ-Sac_WWII_2007
- CQ-Sac_Zombie-Hunter-07
- CQ-Sac_Zombietown-07

- CQ-Sac_Bob-Serenity-07
- CQ-Sac_Capt-Bob-07
- CQ-Sac_Cthulhu-2007

I wanted to also mention that while I volunteer at the ConQuest-Sac-2007 gaming convention, my photos should not be considered "official" con photos... just the contribution of one gamer to the community.

I hopefully removed all the photos with particularly unflattering poses (always seem to get a few nostril shots no matter how I try). I also deleted all the photos of "The Future Plumbers of America Club"... they simply have attrocious fashion sense (...totally unlike the average gamer, right?)...

An exciting action shot from one of the air wargames at CQ-Sac-2007!

If for any reason, someone has an aversion to a photo (I did ask permission repeatedly all day long), drop me a line and I can remove any offending material. I wouldn't want anyone's mug shot to reach the FBI or America's Most Wanted...

With that said, I hope that everyone enjoys the photos!

I had a great time at the con and hope that everyone else did too!

Wishing everyone well!


Anyone interested in using photos on their website or elsewhere is welcome to do so. All I ask is that I be credited as the photographer (even the poor photos!)...

Thanks to Bill at TMP!

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  • At 4:02 PM, April 25, 2007, Blogger scubagymnast said…

    Your gaming convention looks like it was so much fun. I wish I was there. Next time you go I'd love to join you. Maybe I can find somebody to play Ticket to Ride or Settlers with me.

    I loved your photos!

    Little Sis.

  • At 5:25 PM, April 25, 2007, Blogger MaksimSmelchak said…

    Hi Sis,

    Thanks for writing.

    I'd be happy to take you and my nephews (maybe even niece) along one of these times.



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