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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: 28mm Robot Gang In The Works!

.TOP: A 28mm robot gang in the making.

Hi All,

I've been long wanting to create a 28mm sci-fi robot gang and my friend, Dick's plan to run a "Savage Worlds / Necromunda" 28mm sci-fi skirmish game this upcoming weekend has been the catalyst to help me get my "robot gang" project going. I've always loved robots from the shiny, chromed bots of the pulps to the tubey-appendaged bots of the 1950s to the latest CGI bots of Battlestar Galactica and the present. I've been collecting robot miniatures for ages waiting for a project to use them on.

This gang was originally planned for use with Star Mogul so there are a few support bots that might be less useful in "Savage-munda." We'll probably only need gangs of about eight, but I provided more bots to have a fuller roster. So, without too much more talk, here's the robo-gang I'm working on:

BOTTOM: The Brains of the Outfit - "Dr. Sinestro"...
And his two bodyguards, DCK-550 "Dick" & RCK-565 "Rick."
TOP: These figs are all recycled Heroclix collectible miniatures.

BOTTOM: Foot troop "Robo Enforcers":
LNY-15 "Lenny", BRC-55 "Bruce," & SQG-35 "Squiggy."TOP: These are all old Grenadier minis from the 80s Paranoia line.

BOTTOM: A second shot of the "Robo Enforcers."
TOP: I love these old sculpts, I had to repair the left one who came in two pieces.

BOTTOM: Sergeant Bots:
ROK-1525 "Sgt. Rock" & STF-1515 "Sgt. Stiffy."TOP: These are the newer Mongoose Paranoia sculpts.

BOTTOM: Lieutenant Bots:
VLD-116 "Lt. Vlad" & IGR-118 "Lt. Igor."TOP: The left guy is an ancient 1970s Star Guard sculpt from Reviresco and...
The right one is a mangled I-Kore sculpt that I found a right arm for...
And will need to find a left hand for...

BOTTOM: The General:
DGR-1000 "Old Digger"TOP: This is an OOP Global Games - Legions of Steel figure that I had to strip.
The old paint was plastered on like Tammy Baker's make-up.

BOTTOM: Master Sergeant Bot:
MGO-001 "Mongo"TOP: This is a Reaper fig, "Iron Golem" or something like that.
It was a gift from my buddy, Mikos. Thanks, Mikos!

BOTTOM: Support Robot:
SPKY-5000 "Sparky" (right), a mechanic bot.TOP: I have no idea where this sculpt came from (Wish I did!)...
I REALLY love its' funky retro-50s look.

BOTTOM: Support Robot:
BNS-911 "Bones" (left), a mechanized medic.TOP: The doc-bot is also a Mongoose Paranoia sculpt.

So, priming is on tomorrow's docket...

Have a good one!


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