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Thursday, January 10, 2008

MINI WARGAMING: "Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi is Back!" (10 January 2008)

TOP: Classic Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi industrial building...
Or pressure dome, or...
Hi All,

First of all, I want to apologize to my readers for not having updated the blog as often as I have in the past. My formerly ideal job went down the drain in a recent change of upper management so I've been dedicating near 100% of my spare time to job searches so I can move to a better place. I've had a constant barrage of job interviews so I'm spending far too much time preparing for interviews, ironing clothing (Yech! Feel like I'm in the military again...), and rediscovering where I last hid my ties AKA neck nooses hoping this day would never come again. I'd much rather be gaming... LOL ;o)

The good news is that I'm still investing time into my gaming for sanity's sake if nothing else. I have a whole new batch of 28mm pirate ship photos and will soon have a 28mm Arab / Saracen / Moor / Andalusian WAB (Warhammer Ancients Battles) army done as well. I've been additionally adding to my 28mm WHFB (WarHammer Fantasy battles) undead army here and there. And this weekend is the big MWSS (Miniatures Wargaming Society of Sacramento) meeting with three great games planned! BUT...


Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi is BACK!

I'm very excited to share this news! These are the same buildings that were so prominently featured in the 1990's Dirtside II rule book, the later edition Battletech Miniatures Rules, and the tables of many a 6mm sci-fi player! Yeah! Joy and good tidings!

TOP: Classic Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi industrial building...
Maybe a techno-garage?
Perhaps robo-harvesters are stored here?
TOP: Classic Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi industrial building...
A storage tank ripe for a fireball of destruction...
TOP: Classic Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi military structure...
Any alien overlord would be happy to bunker up here...
I bet ol' Ming even left graffiti on the wall.
TOP: Classic Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi military structure...
Everyone needs a watch tower, right?
Never know what kind of bandits may be on the horizon...

And here's some "linkety-link" for you:

Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi - Industrial Structures:

Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi - Military Structures (Bunkers):

Snapdragon 6mm Sci-fi - Field Fortifications:

Snapdragon 6mm Fantasy:

All I can add is that I hope that they are back for good and also plan to throw some currency their way soon as a show of support.

Have a great Thursday!


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