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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

MINI WARGAMING: "Added Lanterns & Doors to The 28mm Ship" (22 January 2008)

TOP: The Fore Castle & Front Mast Socket of my 28mm pirate ship.
Hi All,

I've still been toiling away on my 28mm pirate ship project... and have finished the following:

- Added three pairs of conventional lanterns custom-made from card and beads.
- Finished two of the three sockets with railings for the eventual masts.
- Added two "skull lanterns" to the aft castle.
- Added three pairs of doors to the fore and aft castle cabins:
(A pair to rear aft castle cabin wall, and a pair each to the front and back of the fore castle cabin bulkhead)
- Almost finished drilling out the ship's grates.
- Added balsa wood trim across various parts of the ship.

TOP: The Aft Castle Deck with new "skull lanterns"...
...placed to the sides of the central lantern.
TOP: The Fore Castle cabin with new doors...
...and conventional lanterns added.

The project is coming along, but there's still plenty to do.

Among those chores are:

- Adding ladders between the central deck and the raised fore and aft decks.
- Adding the railing to the central deck mast socket.
- Building the three masts along with crow's nests.
- Creating three sails.
- Building the rigging.
- Adding balsa trim to much of the rest of the ship.
- Adding magnetic stripping to the aft and fore castle cabins.
- Adding steel paper to the bottoms of the aft and fore castle decks.
- Detailing.
- Basing the entire waterline ship on a piece of plasticard.
- Priming.
- Painting.

And being that real sailing ships required far more labor and skilled construction hands than my simple resin miniature, I can only imagine how much labor went into their construction. The rigging alone is tough to imagine putting together. I'm gaining new respect for the sailors of yesteryear.

A link to all of the photos I took here:

Good gaming to all and...
Have a great Tuesday!


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  • At 12:44 AM, January 23, 2008, Blogger the_desert_fox said…

    Excellent modeling work on your pirate ship mate. Very impressed. I shall bookmark website to keep eye on its progress.

    Many happy days of pirating.

  • At 3:54 AM, January 23, 2008, Blogger Paul O'G said…

    Looking good mate, very ship-shape!

  • At 8:20 AM, January 27, 2008, Blogger MaksimSmelchak said…

    Hi Simon and Tas,

    Thanks for writing, guys.

    I'm looking forward to finishing the project, hopefully before Summer 2008.

    With any luck, I'll find a new, better job soon, get in dialed in, and be able to spend some dedicated time on the ship, WAB armies, etc. LOL ;o)



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