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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

COOL STUFF: "Away, Lobster-dog, Away!" (21 November 2007)

TOP: "Hey look! It's a bird, its a plane, it's a..."
Hi All,

I've never felt that dressing dogs, or pets for that matter, was worth the effort. After all, pets already come dressed, why mess with nature? And very few pet costumes are really that snazzy anyhoo... And most just annoy the animal or get in the way until ol' Fluffy finds a way to tear the thing off.

Now, my sister's dog, Murphy, is another proposition altogether. The dog was named by her husband's ex-wife, and instead of being trained by the humans, the dog trained the humans! It barks when it wants to go out, it bolts for the door to take a "pleasure stroll" when it feels like, it prowls the kitchen looking for "accidents," is deaf as a doorknob (can't or won't hear the foolish humans), shamelessly begs, drools, and can otherwise be an annoying pest when the cuteness knob gets turned down. So, I got a certain sense of schadenfreude (guilty pleasure) to see Murphy forced to wear a costume this year...

TOP: "The Dog-lobster goes for a biscuit."
TOP: "Murphy, the dog, decides that costumes are OK..."
"...if they come with biscuits."

However, it only took Murphy one biscuit and a little begging to make "her" forget all about the "Lobster-dog" costume. Schadenfreude, indeed!

Viva la Halloween!
Have a great Wednesday!


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