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Monday, August 27, 2007

COOL STUFF: The Star Wars You Never Knew...

TOP: Darth Vader's real "stay-at-home" Mom...
...not the silly Episode I version...

Hi All,

Every now and then, I go looking for Star Wars images on the Web... just to see what I can find. As I've mentioned before, it never ceases to amaze me the massive effect that Star Wars has had on world culture... such as that UK survey in which a significant percentage of Brits claimed that their religion was "The Force." I'm not kidding about that either...

So, here are a couple of the more choice Star Wars images that I've enjoyed:

TOP: The Empire would have never amounted to anything...
...if they would have recruited more hippies.
TOP: Darth Vader must have had this Rebel artist killed...
...preferably by Force Tickling.

And here are two reasons why "The Dark Side" isn't limited to any one group... we're all susceptible to it, ya know? And for the record, I'm not very fond of either of the dominant political parties in the USA... I really feel that the American people could use a few more viable choices.

TOP: This Dark Lord will probably claim that her "village" raised you too!
...even if you're a Wookie, Jawa, or Sand Person.
TOP: And this Dark Lord looks like he's done kissing babies...
...he's ready to start raising taxes!

Evil, huh?
Have a great Monday!

Update (27 August 2007 @ 2:10pm PST):

A fellow nicknamed Chronoglide over at TMP was kind enough to further elucidate me about the religion of "The Force" in the UK:

Chronoglide: Lots of Brits entered The Force or Jedi as their religion as a political statement, not because they were Star Wars spods. We had been lead to believe, by the media (...now there is an Evil Empire), that if enough people put it down on the survey, that it would become recognised as an official religion by the Government. Most of the anarcho-hippies that called themselves Jedi probably hadn't seen one of the films in years, if at all. So don't get the impression that we're all Skywalker nerds.

My other car's an Ewok glider

Link here:


Spod is a British slang term for an annoying "computer geek" if I'm not mistaken.

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