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Monday, July 09, 2007

GAMING NEWS: Photos from 28mm WHFB Game With Nils Uploaded!

.ABOVE: Two Vampire Counts companies beat the heck out of Warlord Nils' line.

Hi All,

A weekend or so ago my friend Nils and I headed off to our local gaming shop and played an enjoyable games of Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy Battles (WHFB). We have a mutual set of reinds and have been playing a campaign although, in reality, the campaign is more of an excuse to motivate us to build and paint our lead armies and get together to have a good time. Both Nils and I are "scavenger mini-gamers" meaning that neither of us are "brand-name miniatures purists" and both of our armies are largely "scavenged" from whatever miniature figure sources we could find.

This thread is mostly to introduce us and our armies as well as to show off the photos I took from out game. Nils wrote some great short fiction / battle reports, which I'll post here in the near future as I have the opportunity.

I have Nils' blog linked on the sidebar. He often goes by his nickname the Black Cavalier. His blog has photos from some zombie hunter games as well as some WHFB game fiction for the time being although Nils plays ANYTHING and EVERYTHING! He keeps trying to drag me into Warmaster, but I resist. I have enough crud already!

Just in case, here's a link to his blog:

So without futher ado, here's Nils' army, a 28mm Beasts of Chaos army run with a Norse theme:

ABOVE: Warlord Nils Fahrvegnugen the Raging Rylehmeister.

ABOVE: Nils had these strange beasties stand in for minotaurs.

ABOVE: Most of Nils' units were Ungor bands disguised as Vikings.
ABOVE: And you can't have a Beasts of Chaos army without beasts, right?

And here's my gnarly 28mm Vampire Counts army:

ABOVE: Master Necromancer, Maksimok the Mirthless.
ABOVE: My general, a vampire thrall, led this skeleton unit.
ABOVE: A wight lord led the unit of Grave Guard.
ABOVE: A second vampire thrall led another unit of skeletons.
ABOVE: And these zombies were really skeletons - nifty magic, no?

If you'd like to see the rest of the photos, please follow this link:

Nils won the game, by the way. Mazel Tov, Nils!

Have a great Monday!


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