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Friday, May 18, 2007

HASBARA: Six Day War Redux!

.Yossi Ben Hanan, later tank commander, refreshing in the Suez Canal.

Hi Everyone,

- With the fortieth anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem from Jordan, I'm seeing a plethora of articles about The 1967 Six Day War that may be of interest to AIW (Arab-Israeli Wars) miniatures gamers.

- Charles Krauthammer writes:

"A Prelude to the Six Days"

- In which he relates the overwhelming significance of the Six Days War to politics in the modern Middle East. He mentions Michael Oren's outstanding 2002 book:

"Six Days of War"
By: Michael Oren

- ...which is by far, the best and most definitive book written yet on the conflict. If you're an Oren fan, check out some of his other recent books as well. He recently concluded a US tour promoting his latest 2007 book:

"Power, Faith, and Fantasy: The United States in the Middle East, 1776 to 2006"

Egyptian Archer tank captured in the Sinai.

And Michael Oren wrote this article in The Jerusalem Post:

"Did Israel Want The Six Day War?"

- You can read more about Michael Oren here:

Israeli paratroopers after they liberated Jerusalem.

- Meanwhile Abraham Rabinovich writes a recollection of his experiences during The Six Day War in this Jerusalem Post article:

"City Under Siege"

- I particularly recommend the following of Rabinovich's books:

"The Battle For Jerusalem, June 5-7, 1967"
"The Boats of Cherbourg"
"The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East"

- Rabinovich has a very different writing style than Oren and his research is less authoritative, but his books have a less academic and thus more entertaining feel to them. Read Oren for academic history backed by solid fact and relentless research; read Rabinovich to be entertained and to get an "in a nut shell" history of the war.

- You can read more about Abraham Rabinovich here:

The "Big Three," Narkis, Dayan, & Rabin, entering Bethlehem triumphant.

- And I can never mention modern Israeli history without mentioning Herman Wouk's wonderful novels:

"The Hope"
"The Glory"

- They can be found cheaply as used paperbacks and employ charismatic characters set against the backdrop of Israel's many wars for survival.

- You can read more about Herman Wouk here:

Sharon and Begin in 1967, the beginning of a long and successful relationship.

- And lastly, a new book about The Six Day War is coming out this year entitled:

"Foxbats over Dimona: The Soviets' Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day War"
By: Remez & Isabella Ginor

- The new book tells the history of the Soviet involvement in The Six Day War, with the premise that the Soviets engineered the war in hopes of overthrowing the government of Israel and installing a puppet state in its stead. Very interesting.

Israeli jets in a flyby after the war: Mirage, Mystere, Vautor & Magister.

- I learned about the book in this Jerusalem Post article:

"Soviets engineered Six Day War"
By: David Horovitz

- More about the new book here:

- And here:

- So, for folks interested in AIW history, now is a particularly rich time to study with Soviet archives opening up, US historical documents being shared, and a great need to look back on history with critical regard and analysis.

Have a great Friday!


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