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Monday, April 23, 2007

PERSONAL NEWS: Air & Space Smithsonian Was Amazing!

A funky "futurist" sculpture at TSASM.
Hi Everyone,

I just got back from my mini-vacation yesterday evening and I have to say that The Smithsonian Air & Space Museum (TSASM) was everything I'd expected it to be and more. So many pieces of aviation and space exploration history were there... in the flesh... Chuck Yeager's X-1, the X-15, V-1s, V-2 "Buzzbombs," the Apollo Lander, WWI aircraft, WWII aircraft, civil aviation aircraft... you name it and TSASM probably had it on display. I was absolutely overwhelmed.

A classic DC-3 civil transportation aircraft at TSASM.

I took lots of photos and hope to share them soon.

I also got around the Washington D.C. area, which was beautiful... The Capitol Building, The Treasury Building, The Kennedy Center, The White House, The Jefferson Memorial... I loved it.

I also noted that the underground portions of the D.C. Metro (public transportation system) look frightening like the Deathstar of Star Wars mythology... loved it! I got some cool snapshots of it... wish I had the Photoshop skills to insert a spare R2D2 or two into them...

However, my favorite "site to see" was a display at TSASM on the evolution of space suits... from the earliest underwater exploration suits (aqualungs) "used" by Captain Nemo in Jules Verne novels to the newest and most modern spacesuits used by the Russians and Americans. One of my favorite displays showed a Victorian impression of a spacecraft... COMPLETE with a liquor cabinet... priorities, old bean! Very amusing.

Some real history-makers at TSASM: Chuck Yeager's X-1, Spirit of Saint Louis and Space Ship One.

I hope to share photos and more about my experience soon.

All the best to everyone!


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