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Monday, October 16, 2006

PERSONAL NEWS: Mazel Tov Dave & Kimbo!

. Hi Everyone,

I wanted to make two quick notes...

It was my friend Kimbo's birthday this past weekend and I wanted to wish him a belated and very loud...

Happy Birthday!

The above photo is of Kimbo (Guy in the center background glancing ominously at the patriotic cake) celebrating his birthday with some lesser guy, a "virtual unknown" (The funny-looking guy to the right) to the greater gaming community... probably a custodian or something like that... red "power" ties are so blah these days (As an aside, I have no idea who the "face" on the left is... could he be Kimbo's handservant?)...

And as a weird coincidence, U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney bears a remarkable resemblance to Kimbo although I doubt he has anything like Kimbo's world famous gaming acumen.

This next photo is of Kimbo (On the right) and I (On the left in deep, deep thought!) playing games at ConQuest Sac 2006... Kimbo gave me a real beating while playing games at this convention... I wasn't kidding about Kimbo and his renowned gaming abilities! Kimbo looks much different when out of his customary suit and tie. He usually only wears flannel when hunting and playing certain other games...

And my friend Dave...

Mazel Tov on getting married!

They're both great guys and well known throughout the local gaming community for being fun folks to game with. Dave is well known for being a fanatical ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) player and Kimbo... for playing everything and anything!

Have a great day!


Personally, I think Kimbo looks more like Ariel Sharon despite the Cheney similarity, but that's just me. I've always wondered if Arik was subtly giving the photographer the bird in this shot...

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