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Thursday, October 26, 2006

HUMOUR: Dad's a Graphic Artist...

. The Original Crazy Mean Baby!
Hi Everyone,

Leopold's done it again... sent me something that was genuinely entertaining... and funny to boot!
This is what happens when your father is a Graphic Designer...

Crazy Mean Junior G.I. Joe! Yo Joey!

Crazy Mean Pirate Baby! Yar, Matey!

Crazy Mean Sith Lord Baby! EVIL!

Crazy Mean Colonel Baby! Finger Lick'in Good!

Crazy Mean Flam'in Demon Zombie Baby! Spooky!

Crazy Mean Junior Hulkster Baby! Aaarrgggghhh!

Crazy Mean Junior Fu Man Chu Baby! Mini Crouching Tiger!

Crazy Mean KISS Fan Baby! AKA Junior Bat Boy!

Crazy Mean Green Shrek Spawn! AKA Junior David Banner!

This is hysterical...

And the even more bizarre thing is that there is a whole web site chocked full of these images:
Yes, boys and girls... it's back. Due to changes in life-circumstances, I am once again able to bring you the ONLY source for the complete collection of crazy mean babies. Read HERE for the whole story.

Have a great Thursday!


One last image:

I sense the force is strong with this one!

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