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Friday, March 03, 2006

WEIRD NEWS: No Worries About The Yellow Snow, Mate!

Hi Guys,

I follow a number of E-groups and interesting news bits are always turning up.

*** Ever wondered about those "lemon" yellow snowcones? ***

This caught my eye about a week or so ago:

Ded posted this at the Traveller-TNE E-group:
Being the space enthusiasts that we are, we're aware that providing space travelers with sufficient, safe drinking water is a vital concern. Hauling all that water into space in our pre-contra grav TL is a major payload expense. Traveller has predicted a means to recycle human waste, though it doesn't say so in so many words, at least not that I recall. Well, a major advancement has been made here in reality.


There's probably enough info in the article to enable GM's to develop water purification systems for their games (if desired). Haven't found the website for the company yet.
The Traveller-TNE E-group can be found here:


Some other links turned up later:



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