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Thursday, February 02, 2006

MINI WARGAMING: Warmaster Nice Updates the Epic Lounge!

Hi Guys,

Warmaster Nice in Denmark has updated his excellent Epic website: "the Epic Lounge" with even more beautiful pictures of his Epic miniatures.

His web site can be found here:


And one of his mostly recently upgraded galleries is of his "Blood Axe Orkz" here:


In related Epic news, one of my local gamers, Dick, is interested in playing Epic and brought his miniatures for me to look over yesterday. He wanted help putting together an army so I brought my copy of E-A and Swordwind and looked over what he had, which ended up beig a solid force of Imperial Guard and Space Marines and a sampler force of Tyranids and Orkz. Dick has decided to download the E-A rules and we'll see where he goes with them after that.

I didn't imagine that E-A may still have a chance in my area. I know that there are still several interested parties in the nearby Bay Area.


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