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Monday, July 11, 2005

GAMING NEWS: Collecting Armies?

Hi Dafrca,

Dafrca: I found this interesting, not good or bad, just interesting. As I am doing my recount of the Imperial Stuff, I realized I tended to go for the Iron Fist tactic with my Guard. Lots of Tanks, Super Heavies, Mech Infantry, and such. Small numbers of the RR, snipers, and other lighter style formations.

But when it came to my 15mm stuff, it was like a 180 degree flip. Mostly light Infantry, droppable troops and equipment, and overall lighter style formations. Very little in the way of “Heavy” armor (well not counting my OGRE). It was like as I moved worked on the two collections, I was following two very
different tactical ways of thought.

*** So it made me wonder when you all build an army, do you just collect or do you formulate a basic tactic and buy to that?***
Hi Dafrca,

I've found now that I prefer themed armies, but I general modify my theme a little to encompass existing models. Adding a theme to an army really helps to make it happen. It gives directions and keeps some kind of plan or inspiration around.

My Epic-Armageddon Jopalli IG force, for instance, is designed to be a mechanized force and has very little heavy armor. The Jopallis were also designed to use mostly proxy models and a lot of anti-armor troops with support weapons. Even their Thud Guns, Tarantulas and Mole Mortars have used proxy models so far.

After playing the army for awhile, I start adding units to make the force more effective rules-wise.

My Star Wars Hoth force, for instance, is a very theme-oriented army, but as I play with them, I can see myself adding in other vehicles, troop types and characters that never appeared in the movies. The original Dirtside II conversion I found for the Battle of Hoth had a number of non-canon vehicles. I'd definitely like to include some non-orthodox equipment and troops in the future, but right now, I'm concentrating on getting the movie canon forces ready.


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