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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

MINI WARGAMING: The Demise of Epic-Armageddon in Northern California?

Hi Guys,


I'm unhappy to say that it looks like Epic-Armageddon is very possibly dead in my area.

I went by Hobby Monkey, a local gaming shop, yesterday evening and met my good friend, Eric-Chern there, author of the Epic Army Card site and... he has had it with Epic.

Eric and I were the biggest local supporters of the game. Now, it looks like it's down to me.

My friend Chuck is getting ready to move as well in the Fall.

That leaves a very small conclave of Bay Area E-A players and that's about it.

There are still some players in the Los Angleles / Southern California area, but it looks like all of the changes at Specialist Games and the decision to not publish hard copy books anymore has driven off the local E-A fan base.


There are three games locally that are dominating the market:

- Flames of War
(A 15mm WWII skirmish game from New Zealand.)

- War Machine
(A 28mm VSF skirmish game with giant robots and magic from Privateer Press in the USA.)

- A Call to Arms
(A Bayblon-5 starship combat game from Mongoose Publishing in the UK.)


Eric is a huge B-5 fan so he has naturally gone over to the "Call to Arms" game.


28mm 40k is all but dead in Sacramento although it is still being played somewhat at Great Escape Games, another hobby shop in town. GW's games are taking a big hit here.

I'm seeing local bulletin boards getting swamped with notices of 28mm 40k armies and other GW miniatures for sale.

An interesting occurrence is that Necromunda is making a local comeback with at least two Sacramento gaming clubs running campaigns that I know about.



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