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Thursday, March 06, 2008

GAMING NEWS: "Gygax Gone" (6 March 2008)

TOP: Gary Gygax Passes Away. RIP. (4 March 2008).

Hi All,

Like alot of folks out there, I was a big Geek growing up in the 70s and 80s. Games and particularly fantasy RPGs (Role Playing Games) were huge. I studied Mythology and D&D side by side... I figured the 1rst Edition Monster Manual was at least as good as Edith Hamilton, D'Aulaires, or Bullfinch (...big mythology names).

And just the other day ago, we lost one of the big names who helped put fantasy RPGs on the map, Gary Gygax. It's pretty hard for us early D&D maniacs to imagine a D&D without Gygax... he wrote so many early novels, rule books, and left the mark of his distinctive prose across so many fun fantasy products. He could be controversial too... and he wasn't always known for being kind to his partners. I've had a chance to meet Dave Arneson, one of those legendary early partners, and it's hard to imagine D&D without those early Titans of the RPG industry. I also got to meet Gygax at a gaming convention way back when and I'm glad I had the chance to thank him. My childhood friend Ian Hess and I used to think of him as a missing entry from the 1rst Edition Deities & Demigods book...

Rather than wax on, I'm going to leave you with a few words and two links, one from TMP, and the other from Jeff Rients, who has some excellent advice how to celebrate Gygax's life.

So first my words and then the links.

For good and bad, thank you, Gary Gygax!
May you keep rolling 20's in a a better place!
Rest in Peace.

TMP link here:

Mighty Jeff's link here:

Have a great Thursday!


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