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Thursday, November 15, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "Cool 6mm Sci-fi Intro" (15 November 2007)

TOP: One of Edmund's awesome OGRE minis.
Hi All,

There's always more one can do for the hobby... but we all have limited time. It's hard enough to take our "piles of lead" to get prepped, assembled, and painted... let alone run a blog or website, help put a good face on the hobby, and simply game! One of my many side projects has been an overview & review of what's out there for 6mm sci-fi gaming. I've been clacking away on reviews and putting together links and resources, when... lo and behold, someone beats me to it. All I can say is:

Thanks, Edmund! Awesome work!

I may still come out with my own take on reviews & overviews in the near future, but I really appreciate and am impressed by Edmund's work.

You can see Edmund's excellent 6mm Sci-fi intro web page here:

And you can download Edmund's 6mm sci-fi rule set, "The AD Wars," here:

Have a great Thursday!


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