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Thursday, November 29, 2007

FILMS: "Vertical Limit" (29 November 2007)


Hi All,

I saw a great movie the other day ago... a real cliffhanger called "Vertical Limit." Great flick, I highly recommend it... go out and rent it. Don't expect witty dialogue or a particularly good storyline, but the special effects, good-looking "faces," great soundtrack, and amazing special effects are worth enjoying for their own sake separate of the cruddy plot line and dialogue.

Here are a few of my favorite review snippets:
Unwind, eat popcorn, watch people fall off mountains. That's entertainment.
- Liz Braun of Jam! Movies
When the characters just shut up and dangle, Vertical Limit becomes one heck of a wild time.
- David Germain of the Associated Press
Thanks, Cheri and Keri!

IMDB link for "Vertical Limit" here:

Wikipedia link for "Vertical Limit" here:

Rotten Tomatoes entry for "Vertical Limit" here:

Have a great Thursday!


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