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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: New 10mm Sci-fi Producer: Black Skull Games!

TOP: There's a new 10mm sci-fi company...
...Black Skull Games.
No official logo ready for public distribution yet.
Hi All,

It's recently come to my attention that a new 10mm sci-fi company is about to come to market... Black Skull Games (BSG)! According to one GenCon 2007 attendee, BSG had a booth and has announced that they will be selling miniatures and rule book in the next few weeks through their web site.

TMP members discussed it here:

And one gentleman, Carlos, was kind enough to take a photograph of the BSG booth at GenCon 2007 and be kind enough to allow me to feature his photograph here at 6mm-Minis. You can find his Gencon 2007 photos here:

Thanks Carlos!

TOP: The Black Skull Games booth at GenCon 2007.

The web site is very much a work in progress, and you can find it here:

Here's what a fellow at TMP said about Black Skull Games:

I do happen to work for Black Skull Games. Let me try to answer a few of your questions about Universal War. As I mentioned already, the scale is 10mm and all of the miniatures are created from a metal alloy. It is a d10 system, where all modifiers are added or subtracted from the result of a d10 roll. Play occurs on a subdued grid system (...each grid square is 1" x 1"), but has the option to be played without a grid. Each player begins play with a point allotment to build the army they wish to field. The player determines how fast each model moves, how many weapons it has, how powerful the weapons are, what special abilities they have (i.e acid blood), etc.

The game includes a story line where a vast army of Martian Invaders has occupied Earth and a force of genetically enhanced humans called Terror Troopers have just left their secret tunnels to counterattack. The story provides a series of illustrations and unit statistics to start players off, but the true goal of the game is to allow players to play the armies and story lines near and dear to their hearts, be it a certain science fiction book or movie's background.

I do not have any pictures to post, but some will be posted on the website in the next week or so. The model line will initially offer Martian Invader infantry, Terror Trooper infantry, and Mutant Giants. Other races and armored vehicles are on the way. The game is very flexible, allowing units from other games to be recreated and inserted.

Check out Blackskullgames.com web site in about a week or so to get the low down.

Here's what BSG has up about their new game "Universal War" at their in-progress web site:

Universal War

“The Universe is locked in eternal war. Amidst the uncounted galaxies of space, a million races struggle to survive a conflict that has raged since the dawn of creation. The young race of man, recently ascended from the primordial ooze of Earth, is just the latest to learn of his impeding doom.”

Have you ever watched a science fiction movie thick with dramatic battle scenes and wished that you could step in and control the action? Wished you could command your own termination machines, armored storm troopers, or slime-covered aliens. If so, then behold, for the means to do so is here before you now, within the pages of this book.

Welcome to Universal War, a 10MM-1/180th scale, mass-combat, science fiction, miniatures war game. It allows players to lead fantastical armies amidst the unlimited planetary war zones of the far future and compete with one another for supreme control over all the fictional worlds ever made popular by novels, comic books, toys, television, and the cinema. Universal War allows its players to build and battle any army they can dream up. There are no limitations and no forbidden ideas, so summon your chosen legions and let the battles begin.

The game looks promising... a sort of GURPS-like universal minis system... much like what I previously worked on with my "Planetfall" project and what others are also working on such as Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin.

If you're interested in 10mm sci-fi, please check out this excellent discussion group:

And Mark "Extra Crispy" Severin is also developing a small scale sci-fi minis game called "Steel Crush" here that is well worth checking out:

In other related news, Mongoose Publishing is developing their 10mm Babylon-5 GROPOS 10mm sci-fi game, which will hopefully come out soon. They own the master molds to the now defunct Agents of Gaming GROPOS miniatures.

Have a great Wednesday!


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