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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: 28mm Sneaky Gitz!

."Sneaky gitz, ain't they?"
Hi All,

I've never liked those weeks where you're slammed by work all day every day at work. And this has been one of those weeks for me. All day, every day! Ack! I came into work today thinking that if I put in a hard day's work, I might even get caught up, but it was not to be... My boss called me and I went in and reported the good news that I might get caught up and she told me right there on the spot to forget about that and handed me an assignment that has much in common with that old movie "The Neverending Story" ...and that's my life.

At any rate, I've been plugging away at the big ugly neverending report when one of my buddies sent me the above image = instant excuse to take a short break and clack out this post. Life is still good.

Thanks, Thomas for being so cool!

Thomas wrote:

Thomas: Lots of 40K being played at work- and this got sent around. Pretty brilliant Orky know-whats!
To which the always-clever Nils responded with one of my favorite quotes EVAH! :
"No, we're not Ninjas, we're a hedge. Move along." - The Tick
I hope your day at work is going better than mine...

Have a great Tuesday!


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