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Friday, July 06, 2007

HUMOUR: Middle Age Sucks... Even For Wonder Woman!

The Wonder Woman from my dreams...
...a twenty-something Wonder Woman spotted at Comic-Con 2006...

Hi All,

Middle age sucks... you get older and it gets tougher and tougher to keep yourself in good shape. Oh, for my twenties, when I could eat anything without worries... Alas, for those days are gone.

The Wonder Woman from my nightmares: middle-aged Wonder Woman...

I have no idea where "she" was spotted...
Perhaps at a Halloween party or a Sasquatch Family Convention?

Many thanks to "Extra Crispy" from Scale Creep Miniatures for sharing the "bad Wonder Woman" image with me.

I've heard good things about Scale Creep Miniatures, but haven't ordered from him yet. You can find the Scale Creep site here:

Have a great Friday!


If you want a really weird observation, notice how many "underpants stars" have been added from one Wonder Woman to the other.

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