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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

FOOD: The Serenity Flies Again! ...And Then Gets Eaten!

Hey Kimbo! Cool game cake, huh?

Hi All,

That crazy Nils... I've never quite figured out what he really does for a living, but I figure that in the end of ends, he's gotten some kind of government grant to surf the Internet everyday as a "study." I say that because he always find this wacky, but intensely amusing stuff...

So, somehow we get to "E-chatting" about cakes one day and what does he come up with but these:

Any Browncoat (Firefly/Serenity fan) would love this masterpiece!

Dun, dun, dun, duh, dun, dun, dun, duh, dun... In a galaxy...

They're not cheap at five-hundred smackers a pop for starters, but they SHORE are cool!

I think if I ever bought one, I'd have to encase it in carbonite or something...

And the chef's name is REALLY Chef Duff! How cool is that?

His name reminds me of Crime Dog McGruff!

"Take a bite out of crime! And Charm City Cakes!"

Crime Dog McGruff even has his own web site.

Check it out here:

And, oh yeah, here's the Charm City Cakes web site:

Have a great Tuesday!


I have another theory that Nils is the webmaster for the Elder Gods from the Chthulhu mythos... but I have less evidence of that than the government grant theory... I can picture him chanting around a circle of black candles and applying Chthulhu bumper stickers to his car though.

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