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Sunday, June 17, 2007

GAMING NEWS: Happy Fantastic Four Fathers Day!

.Happy Fathers Day to all!
Hi All,

First and most importantly:


May my Father, all my friends who are fathers and the rest of that whole fathering gang have a great one!

To learn more about the history of Fathers Day, please check out this link:

The Fantastic Four, eco-friendly carbon-neutral and enough wooden acting for all!

And my second public service announcement is that I saw the new Fantastic Four film yesterday with my baby sister and it stunk. Don't see it. Wait for video. However, it is a good enough excuse to feature some "gratuitous babe" shots since while Jessica Alba's acting skills are on par with a random hunk of rock, she is very easy on the eyes.

It's a sad movie when a computer-generated character is the best actor.

The movie introduced the Silver Surfer character (...voiced by Lawrence Fishbourne run through a few voice machines) to the silver screen, and despite the silver CG character stealing the movie away from the other actors, the film still couldn't be saved. The movie was almost like a giant contest to see who could be most wooden. Despite the intense competition, Jessica Alba probably won hand in fist.

Jessica Alba is like... a really serious actress, yah know?

And the movie took at least one cheap shot at the US military, intimating that since the Silver Surfer, who had been captured, isn't human that human rights conventions don't apply to him so he could be tortured by all those awful US Army Guantanamo Bay folks... I served at Guantanamo Bay. I know differently.

I've never liked how Hollywood not-so-subtly injects its' world views into our entertainment. It was almost as bad as the last Superman movie in which the big guy went from fighting for "truth, justice and the American way" to "truth, justice, and... all that stuff." My advice to those interested in the new Fantastic Four film: wait for DVD so you can skip over the boring parts. Someday Hollywood will get the message that the plot of a film is at least as important as the special effects. I have now fallen asleep during both Fantastic Four films. Woo hoo!

Jessica has acting talent, worthy of... daytime soap opera.

And here's the short AAR (After Action Report) on yesterday's MWS meeting:
In short, yesterday's meeting was alot of fun and I had a great time!

A HUGE THANKS to all who came and hosted, played, or otherwise contributed to the general happiness.

The 15mm Battle of New Orleans went much as it did historically and the great sea walls made by Mark C. were appreciated and admired by all. Bernie did a great job hosting and Mike O. was very generous to lend his figure collection and terrain to the game. A special thanks to Keith who brought home-baked goodies, "Blondies," to share with everyone!

I hear that Jessica loves Pig Wars and the Dark Ages!
You go, girl! She's like... historically knowledgeable!
That's her "take me seriously" look or something like that...

The 28mm Pig Wars game was simply a BLAST! I think we must have had about eight players / game participants... However, the BIG WINNER was Keith whose Scandi-who-vian Norveggi Vikings took the day with over 40 points of loot! Mazel Tov, Keith! It was a great game and there was much bloodshed and looting that took place throughout a Dark Ages village. Mikos and Vince hosted. The game also saw a rare appearance by local gaming great, Mike Ward of Viking Hobby!

I did take photos and will put together a photographic battle report when I get a chance.

The new club membership cards were also distributed.


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