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Monday, May 21, 2007

WEIRD NEWS: The Revenge of Darth Pug!

.Some sick fiend appears to have recast Star Wars... with pugs!

Hi Everyone,

What a great weekend I had! Gaming out the wazoo!

"You can't go wrong with Star Wars, Halloween, and pugs... can you?"

Saturday was the MWSS (Miniatures Wargaming Society of Sacramento) meeting during which we had plenty of great games! If you're interested in playing some miniatures games or boardgames with a bunch of nice folks, please check out the link I have for the MWS AKA MWSS groups on my right sidebar.

The following were played:
1. 15mm Fantasy Skirmish game using the Savage Worlds ruleset
2. 1/1200 Civil War Ironclads (ships) battle using a homebrew ruleset
3. 15mm American War for Independence battle using the Sons of Liberty ruleset
4. Ingenious board game

I took lots of photos, which I hope to share soon along with a better write-up of the games played.

"Uh Bill, please cue the Imperial March..."

And Sunday was Kevin E.'s birthday, a local gaming nut! We work at a number of local gaming conventions together and he's well known for being a strong supporter of the Boardgame Meet-up Group. If you're interested in playing some boardgames with a bunch of nice folks, please check out the link I have for Boardgame Meet-up Group on my right sidebar. The birthday party was fun! We played tons of game and socialized to our heart's galore. One of the guests brought a huge "chocolate fountain," something I'd never seen before. It was basically a chocolate fondue pot that allowed melted chocolate to flow through a water fountain device in which you could dip fruit pieces, cookies, or other goodies. Pretty cool. The BBQ was nice as well!

Happy birthday again, Kevin!

The Chocolate Fountain - watch out!

And I also got to pass on a monkey figure I found for my friend Mike's son. We both think that he'll like it. Conor has been working on a Godzilla collection like me and needed a good Kong.

The Fiendish Giralon, a D&D Miniatures collectible figure.

And, of course, the theme of this post is "Dogs & Star Wars."

"Luke, I am your father..."

I simply had NO idea!

Have a great Monday!


Despite the Star Wars theme, I couldn't pass on this one:

"Uh, Captain, there's been a horrible accident with the transporters..."
"Scotty may never be the same..."

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