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Monday, April 09, 2007

PERSONAL NEWS: Mazel Tov, Von Compton (9 April 2007)

Baron and "gentleman adventurer" Otto Heinrich von Compton, Grand Naval Commander, Knight Of the Realm, Doctor Emeritus and Scholar Extraordinaire.
This photo was taken before the Baron acquired his "gentlemanly girth."

Hi Everyone,


The Baron's dear friend, President Scott "Pride O' the Rebs" Davis, American gentleman, distinguished scholar, and Phlogiston expert.

I wish to formally congratulate former local gamer Grand Naval Commander Otto Heinrich von Compton (otherwise known as Jon) on the successful and blessed birth of his first child.

The Lady and Baroness Karolyn Malonski showing off her finest smile.

Baron von Compton was only married last year to the Lady and Baroness Karolyn Malonski so it's a very blessed event to welcome Lady-to-Be Lauren G.A. von Compton to this world, 7 lbs, 7 oz, born at 4:42am on the fourth day of April of the year two-thousand and seven.

The wee angel next to one of the Baron's smaller aetherboat shells.
She's a real beauty, isn't she?
Wonderful shell. Simply marvelous.

Mazel Tov again, Baron and Baroness von Compton!

The Grande Admirale Jan-Michel "Mikos" Vincent-Brandeisium, foe of the Baron, paying his respects.

Baron von Compton is sorely missed around these parts and his annual Fourth of July and Birthday bashes were the joy of all. The Baron also has one of the finest collections of American Wild West and Victorian Science Fiction miniatures this side of the hemisphere. Baron von Compton is currently studying Advanced Aethersphere Engineering at an undisclosed university.

The von Compton Summer Home on Mars Colony.
The lady takes the utmost of effort in training her roses to Terran Imperial standards.

Have a glorious day and long live the Queen!


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