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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

GAMING NEWS: Command Horizon & Maksim's Gaming!


Hi Everyone,

Despite my myriad chores and lack of enough gaming, this past weekend wasn't a total loss...

I spent part this past weekend beating a video game, something I haven't done in several years. My roommate succesfully got me hooked on a computer game almost four months ago; he got me interested in Knights of The Old Republic, a Star Wars roleplaying game that came out way back in 2003. You can learn more about the game here:


Since then a sequel has come out and even another sequel is rumored to be out sometime next year. Parts of the game were pedantic, but overall, I enjoyed the experience. The music and graphic were spot on... it very much captured the experience of being in a Star Wars movie... at least as I imagined it!


In other hobby news, I've been very busy with writing for the new Baccus sci-fi game that is now available.

You can learn more about Baccus here:

And you can check out the Yahoo support group for Command Horizon, the new Baccus 6mm sci-fi game here:

A message from Peter here:

I'll put and end to the waiting and speculation and announce that I've finally released the Command Horizon SF range and it is now available. Very shortly I'll be unveiling a brand new web site devoted solely to the CH range, but for the moment you'll be able to find all the information on the models and the prices if you visit the Baccus site.

As well as the models themselves we'll be producing a range of accessories and scenics. The first of these can be found at the above link and is a range of pre-cast bases with different surface finishes. We've been using these ourselves for mounting the demonstration models and they work great, saving loads of time and effort and producing a great end result.

And because we all want to play games with our little men and little tanks we've even produced a set of rules to allow you to do just that. These are currently available as a FREE pdf download which you can access from the Baccus site.

These releases don't indicate that we've stopped work on the range - far from it. Planning is already well underway for more human releases and the first of the Alien races. We hope you enjoy both the models and the rules. We've had a great time working on both.

Peter Berry
Baccus 6mm


I have also been very busy with a hobby project that I never expected to ever get involved with: I'm building a WHFB (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) army in 28mm... oh, heretical scale!

My friend Nils invited me to join him in a game and when I learned that Thomas Foss, one of the big kahunas of Flagship Games was involved as well as Aron Clark, Dirtside II and ASQL (Alien Squadleader) maestro, I couldn't turn them down. Additionally, Harry and Terry of Screaming GIs fame, recently got interested in WHFB and if two seriously dedicated historicals nuts like them can get involved, why can't I?

Not long after I considered getting involved, A-1 Comics on Sunrise had a huge sale of Reaper miniatures so I picked up a ton of Reaper's beautifully cast 28mm Razig's Revenge undead pirates at a steal, or should I say plunder! ...too cool.

I've been working on that army since. This past weekend, I stopped by Michaels, a craft shop, to pick up a little bag of seashells to put on the bases of the figures. I'm going for the whole "Pirates of the Carribean" undead pirate theme.

And to think that Bill from the former Hobby Workshop game store spent years trying to convince me to buy into a WHFB army. He almost had me sold when he told me I could build a Tomb Kings army based on the ancient Hebrews complete with an Ark of the Covenant. I miss that old shop... it was full of character and... um, characters! LOL


Have a great a day and a great Thanksgiving if I don't get to blog sooner!


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