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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MINI WARGAMING: New Terrain Maker - The COYOTE!

Hi Everyone,

I haven't been able to blog as much as I'd like to lately thanks to my new job, but I have missed being able to share cool news from the gaming world, interesting things I've observed in the Real Life TM and the like. Among the latest in gaming news are two posts regarding 6mm miniatures... a new terrain manufacturer and some not-so-new news from Baccus about an impending 6mm sci-fi line:

The above photo is of some of the tanks for the new Baccus 6mm sci-fi line.

Baccus announced publicly earlier this year that he bought out the Gladiator 6mm sci-fi line and will be re-selling it later this year or the next. In addition to the Gladiator line, he is commissioning new systems and creating a set of new sci-fi rules for the miniatures line.

The above photo is of some of the flyer pieces from the new Baccus 6mm sci-fi line.

I was asked to become one of the playtesters and am really pleased with the direction that the game is taking. I contributed some of my any ideas and game mechanics that I created for my own game "Planetfall" (...along with some wonderful folks that helped me playtest).

Check out the Baccus site for more information:


They are also releasing more news through this E-group for all things 6mm sci-fi:



A second bit of news is that we now have a new 6mm sci-fi terrain producer: Coyote Miniatures!

The above photo is of the Vauban fortress from the old Baccus terrain line along with town buildings inside.

Coyote bought out the old Baccus terrain line and has been steadily adding to this product line.

The above photo is from some of the new 6mm Samurai terrain that Coyote is creating.

From Baccus:

This (Coyote Miniatures) is a brand new enterprise managed by Alex Thompson. He'll have a presence at the UK shows via the Stronghold Miniatures stand. To meet Alex is to meet a motivated, enthusiastic and likeable young man, and I wish him every success in the future with his business empire.

Check out the Coyote's site for more information:


Have a great Tuesday!


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    Hi everyone,

    My name is Steve Clay and I live in the UK. I too have just launched a 6mm scenery venture at www.simply6.flyingcart.com I'd love to hear any of your comments so please take a look!!


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