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Thursday, October 19, 2006

MINI WARGAMING: The Carper'ian Castle Wolfenstein?

. Hi Everyone,

Some of you may remember a classic old video game called Castle Wolfenstein...

Castle Wolfenstein was amazing for its time... it was the story of a WWII commando / GI sort of fellow who had to infiltrate a Nazi fortress... The original game had an overhead view and the sound effects were nothing short of amazing...

Later, Castle Wolfenstein turned into one of the first and best of the "first-person shooter" games...

The above view isn't the original "first-person shooter" version, it's from one of the sequels with fancier graphics.

I have many fond memories of slaying Nazis and uttering the classic Indiana Jones line:

"Nazis! I hate those guys..."

Why did I bring this up? Well, because my friend Mark Carper recently made an amazing piece of miniatures terrain... a castle that brought back fond memories...

Mark is an amazing terrain builder and miniature painter; when you can get Mark away from "The World of Warcrack TM," he's an amazing game opponent as well as pretty darn good company!

At any rate, I should stop blowing his horn and simply say that he's outdone himself and built one of the most impressive pieces of gaming terrain I've ever seen...

I've also added a link to his Photobucket over on my sidebar:
Mark's Photobucket Albums

While he only has his Carper'ian Castle Wolfenstein up so far, expect more good things from him in the future.

Mark has nominally scaled it for 15mm (...all of the minis pictured with it are 15mm) and it's made out of pink insulation styrofoam, ground cover, spackling, castle walls from some kind of cork board and who knows what else out of Mark's mad scientist laboratory...

Have a great Thursday!


I also added in a photo of the Wolfenstein honeys... just because!

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