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Monday, October 30, 2006

GAMING NEWS: Please Send Positive Thoughts To Local Gamer!

. Hi Everyone,

Well, amidst some gaming this weekend, I've heard some news, both good and bad...

First the bad news, well-known and well-liked local gamer Scott Hayes is in the hospital, ailing and it's very possible he might not make it. For those of you who know Scott, you probably know him because you:

A. Bought "lead" (miniatures) from him...


B. Enjoyed playing WAB (Warhammer Ancient Battles) with him.

You might have played other games with him as I did... specifically Crossfire back in the day and even occasionally WHFB (Warhammer Fantasy Battles). While you certainly could always seem to find some aspect of the rules to quibble over, Scott has always been a good and reliable opponent. I have many fond memories of gaming with him over the years.

Among those fond memories, I'll never forget a game in which Scott and I were playing a WWII Eastern Front scenario and I had a little Russian recon tank, a T-37 if I remember correctly, penetrate and destroy one of those big armored WWII German monstrosities, a Tiger if memory serves. Lucky hit! Mark had rented the conference room of the Red Lion Hotel that year to host a big gaming bash. Last Friday I started getting worried when Mark started sending E-mails to the local community after being asked why he didn't run his traditional Westerns game recently:

Sorry, gang. I was planning on running a small French Foreign Legion Western Algeria game. But instead I was at the Hospital talking to my best friend, Scott Hayes. He is slipping fast. Damn Cancer.

Hopefully, we will be back up and gaming by next week.

And then...

Scott is at a local Eskaton Hospice Center. His brothers are with him as well as his father. His cousin is there as well. He was not really ever conscious today(Sunday). Manny R., my brother Joel and I visited him today. His family liked the idea that Dante C., myself, Manny R. and Roger M. came up with. That was keeping his Romans and Carthaginians together, maybe some of the better painters finishing any other units and having an annual Scott Hayes refight of Cannae or some other battle from the Second Punic War.

If you're interested in helping out Scott or his family, please contact Mark Steinberg or I. If you contact me, I'll pass your message along to Mark.

And then...

Sorry to hear of this guys. I really enjoyed the times the boys, dad and I got to game with Scott. I got to play in a playtest with Scott for the Scenario game he was putting on with those Romans and Carthaginians. Picked up the WAB supplement that's come out since, but haven't done much gaming lately. I heard how serious the situation with Scott was at the ConQuest SAC planning meeting today (Sunday). I think it is a great idea to keep those two armies together.

Thinking of Scott,
Alfred A.

And then...

Yes, this sucks. Scott is a good player and an asset to the Sacramento gaming community. Hopefully he'll get through this somehow. If not, it will definitely be a blow to our community.
Mark H.

All I can say is that I've put Scott in my prayers and that I'd ask any others who are willing to put Scott and his family in your prayers or whatever your beliefs allow you to do.

There has been some talk of putting together an annual ancients game in Scott's name and I plan to contribute however I'm able. I'll keep people updated here as to how the game evolves.

However, there is good news as well... Jon von Compton AKA Grand Naval Commander and Baron Otto Heinrich von Compton just announced that he is expecting a child with his wife. I'm very happy for him... couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Mazel Tov, Jon and Carolyn!

Have a great Monday!


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