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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

GAMING NEWS: I still play games! (5 August 2006)

. Hi Everyone,

It seems as lately I haven't posted enough about games... so I'm sneaking in this post.

A friend of mine recently (not really... it was some time ago!) updated a local gaming site and I found this photo on it that conclusively proves I still play games! Omayn!

The site can be found here:


I'm the dorky one on the left side of the photo with the light blue shirt. The ever noble Tony is on the top of the photo and the irrepressible Mike O'Brien is part of the cut-off image on the right. We had a good time that day!

And here's what that friend wrote:

Ticket To Ride: Europe:
I believe Maks brought this railroad building game set in Europe which we've played many times and which Maks almost invariably wins (only Dave Story and Kimbo seem able to keep Maks in check on this one).

In the first session Maksim schooled Mike O. and Tony Mark on the strategies involved in the game then I joined them for a second session - which Maks won on a technicality (he had the most points). It's really a fine game with the exception of it being set in countries that don't speak English or spell properly... ;-]

I've yet to play this and not have fun and teasing Maks about the foreign spellings just adds to the enjoyment (Maks speaks too many languages and lived in the area and so should be handicapped when playing games like this...).

Happy Wednesday!


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