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Sunday, August 06, 2006

MINI WARGAMING: Spanish Civil War & MWS (5 August 2006)!

. Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was the most recent MWSS meeting and while it wasn't as lavishly attended as many meetings have been in the past, but there was still plenty of fun to be had by all.

I didn't act as the recorder / secretary yesterday so my post here is entirely recorded from memory. I did, however, take quite a few snapshots of the goings on.

[The above photo is of an International Brigades infantry section from the Spanish Civil War game.]

There were three miniatures games that ran and half a dozen board games that were played.

Mini games:
- DBA: Romans vs. Indians
[De Bellis Antiquitatis - A game of ancients warfare usually played with 15mm miniatures.]


- FOW (version 2): German elite tank army vs. Russian Razvedchik (Scouting) Force
[Flames of War - A WWII game usually played with 15mm miniatures.]


- Rapid Fire: Spanish Civil War (International Brigade vs. Nationalists)
[A WWII game customarily played with 15 to 25mm miniatures. We used the "Rompan El Fuego" Spanish Civil War supplement for Rapid Fire.]


Board Games:
- Who's the Ass!
[A card and trick game with lots of juicy player interaction.]


- Ticket To Ride: Europe
[A railroad building game set in Europe.]


- Some others that I must have forgotten.

As usual, I have posted my photos publicly so that all may enjoy them.

[The above photo is of part of Tony's elite German tank army defending a village and their battalion headquarters.]

A link to my photographs from the day can be found at this URL:


As always, I'm happy to allow others to use my photos. All I ask is that you let me now (...so I can admire your posting!) and that you attribute the photos to me.

[The above photo is of a section of Moorish Volunteers supporting the Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War game.]

I expect that the recorder for yesterday's meeting will probably publish a better run-down on the meeting soon at this URL:


Or perhaps here:


There was other gaming in town, notably at A-1 Comics, by the Sacto Board Gamers at Great Escape Games and elsewhere.

[The above photo, is of Joe Riddle, one of MWSS's finest members, a guy who knows not only how to gracefully lose, but how to gracefully win. Huzzah, Joe!]

Have a great Sunday!


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