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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

HASBARA: 30th Anniversary of Entebbe Rescue!


Hi Everyone,

It turns out that today, 4 July 2006, is momentous for more than the founding of the USA... it's also the date on which the Israel Defence Forces conducted a miraculous rescue of hostages held by Palestinian-Arab Muslim terrorists in Entebbe, Africa.

So, I hope that former Sayeret Matkal Commander, Lt.-Col. Yonatan (Yoni) Netanyahu. and the civilian victims of the hostage episode rest in peace. I also hope that the French airline captain and crew are healthy and well after all these years. Their bravery and refusal to leave their passengers sets an example for us all.

Two links to two articles about the Entebbe hostage episode:



Numerous books and films describing the events that occurred at Entebbe are available. I highly recommend anyone interested in knowing more about the early roots of the War on Terror learn more... especially as the terrorists keep escalating to increasingly evil acts of barbarity.

Even off the top of my head, I can tell you how terrorism is becoming more and more barbaric in our day and time:

- Sabotage and the murder of individual innocents.

- The beginnings of mass-murders: buses, school yards, etc.
- National funding of terrorism by Syria and Egypt.

- Skyjacking comes into use as a term due to the many hostages taken by terrorists.
- Civil War in Jordan between the PLO and Hashemite Monarchy.
- The killing of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics.

- The beginning of genocide bombings.
(Called suicide bombings by the media, but that puts the focus on the murderer instead of the victims)

- The Intifada and the ruthless exploitation of Palestinian-Arab children as weapons by their parents and their society.

- Bombing buildings, public works and beheadings.
- Indescriminate "Blitz bombing" of Israel by Palestinian-Arab Muslim Quassam rockets.

Terrorism is a problem that the world can no longer deny. We must decisively deal with terrorism now as a world society before terrorism mutates to the next worse stage and I don't want to know what level of barbarism can be considered worse than the beheadings that are now increasingly prevalent.

And if you don't beleive me that terrorism is getting worse, I encourage you to take a look at this site, "The Bloody Borders" project:


"The Bloody Borders" project graphically illustrates the increasing severity of the calamity of terrorism.

We must never forget.


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