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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

HASBARA: Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Hi Everyone,

Today is Holocaust Remembrance Day, otherwise known as Yom HaShoah in Hebrew. I thought alot about what I could write, but in the end I want to go with some simple text... no picture, no razzle dazzle... simply mention the fact, acknowledge it and stop. Talking about the existential threat of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons wouldn't help today.




I'm going to follow my friend Yehuda's lead.



Yehuda linked to one story and mentioned two more.

1. He linked to Treppenwitz with one of those stories that is so real that you want to cry:


2. Then he mentioned genocide is unfortunately still with us:


3. And lastly he mentioned that there are those who would have us suffer more Holocausts:



I would add one more link to that string:


I finished reading the novel Against Gravity yesterday, which is certainly cogent, but I'll leave book discussion for another day.


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