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Friday, February 24, 2006

GAMING: 1rst Monthly Gaming Get-Together Was a Success!

Hi Guys,

The primary reason I moved was to be closer to a new job, but the secondary reason I moved was to...

Rent a bigger apartment in which I could host games!

This past Sunday I hosted my first Gaming Get-Together and it was a great success...

Despite the low count on guests.

My friends Eric and Jeff showed up and all the better for them as I bought a tremendous amount of victuals to provide for the guests... we had IBC rootbeer, chips, dips, salsa, hogie sandwiches for all and a variety of other goodies.

We'd intended to play the classic Avalon Hills Civilization, but because of the low attendance count, we played other games... five to be exact.


Game #1: Ticket to Ride Europe


Eric: 2
Jeff: 3
Maksim: 1

- I bought this game not that long ago and what better game could you find for a couple of train nuts! Jeff and Eric are both big fans and I enjoy the game even if I'm not the biggest railroad enthusiast. I'm starting to discover the pacing of TTRE... build several routes and then focus on building unneeded routes that extend your line and collect points. It was the eight-track line the runs from Russia to Scandinavia that won the game for me. As is usual for newbies to the TTR series, Jeff came in third and will have a better idea what to do enxt time.


Game #2: Rail Baron


Eric: 3
Jeff: 1
Maksim: 2

- I was Jones'ing for this classic Avalon Hills rail game and Jeff is a huge fan. Playing it again reminded me of the shortcomings of Rail Baron... It is a VICIOUS game! Poor Eric got cornered out of several lines that he needed and the dice were visibly working against him. Jeff pulled a victory out of his hat by dominating the Northeast and Southwest. While Eric was steered into the ground very early, he and Jeff had a great time talking "train talk"... I was utterly lost! Good game although I think due to RB's habit of cutting a palyer or so out of the game, I won't push to play it again for some time.


Game #3: Drakon


Eric: L
Jeff: W
Maksim: L

- This was my frist time playing this game and I enjoyed it a lot. Most Tom Jolly games are an amusing twist on the gaming genre and Drakon is no execption... imagine the typical dungeons & Dragons scenario spun on its head and you have Drakon... The dragon has already won! And the dungeon party has now been turned against each other as the dragon has decided to only let one adventurer out of the dungeon... the rest become dragon vittles. I borrowed this game from Jeff after Sunday and have been disappointed with it since. It's seems to be a little advanced for my nephews as of yet. It worked fine for several gaming adults, but it is too involved for nephews and my sister's fiance's children.


Game #4: Guillotine


Eric: 2
Jeff: 3
Maksim: 1

- Guillotine is a classic and we all enjoyed playing this game, which coincided with dinner. I bought a whole ton of cold cuts and cheeses from the local deli and we chowed down. I also had pickles, potato salad and a variety of other goodies. Surprisingly, Jeff didn't have me make him coffee... this from the guy who would probably have a coffee IV hooked up if it just wasn't so darned inconvenient.


Game #5: The Cities & Knights of Cataan


Eric: 2
Jeff: 3
Maksim: 1

- We ended the night with this classic that Eric loves. Mines were very common and we cycled through the blue card deck a very large number of times... possibly three or four times. What won the game for me is that we all had forgotten that I had longest road until the end and when I finally noticed, I declared victory and that was that. With all of the blue cards flying about, there was a lot of serious game plays occuring... tons of spies, defections, marriages and the like. Good game.


All had a good time and are looking to return to the next Gaming Get-Together!

And in retrospect, I didn't send invitations out early enough, it was a three-day weekend and the Dundracon gaming convention were all going on that weekend... I'll plan better for the next GGT at my place.


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