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Sunday, July 10, 2005

MODELLING: 6mm Wildlife = Toys and Trinkets!

--- In 6mm_Miniatures, Ady Arnold wrote:
Hi all,
I'm after a little help trying to find some 6mm scale wildlife, in particular Arctic /Antarctic creatures, for an 'Evil Penguin Army of Doom!'
I'm planning the army for the 6mm Hordes Of Things game.
*** Anyone have any suggestions as to where I may get figs for it from? ***
Hi Ady,

The first thing to do when looking for 6mm scale minis is not be too concerned with scale... many "6mm" miniatures are actually closer to 8mm or even (Alas, oh my!) 10mm. Being a little flexible with scale really helps out the selection.

I've been working on a 6mm (Really 10mm) miniature gaming set to run a Star Wars Battle of Hoth game. I eventually settled on the 10mm scale because the model availibility was better in this range. Most of the vehicles (Rebel Snowspeeders, AT-ATs, etc.) are still scaled much closer to 6mm than 10mm, but I digress...

Secondly, don't think that you can use items designed as miniatures. Toys and trinkets are very foten just as good as miniatures and often much less expensive. Charms (those items for lady's bracelets), animals toys for doll houses and even cereal item premiums often do the job.

Bears are easy to come by.
- I see little bear trinkets (charms) at the bead shop my girlfriend goes to.
- The Warmaster line also has 10mm bears availible for their Kislev army.

Penguins are a little harder.
- There used to be a board game I occasionally see in second hand shops/thrift stores that has little penguins just about the right side.
- I can't remember the name of the game though.
- You might want to settle for an army of "GIANT PENGUINS" so you can use slightly larger plastic toys for your army!

Fish (sea life) are easy to come by.
- There are lots of little plastic toy sets that come with these as well as toy trinkets.
- You can find all kinds of fish and other types of sealife including crustacians, octopi, whales, etc.

Lots of other animals are easy to come by as well. I see African animals all of the time. I also see many of the more common temperate zone animals.

As a final note, you should take a look at the HOTT galleries at The Stronghold web site. I seem to recall that they have an Inuit (Eskimo) army there that would be a good source of inspiration for you.


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