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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

RPG GAMING: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: "Something Rotten In the Reikland!" - Session One.

Hi Guys,

I stopped by Hobby Monkey, my local gaming shop, tonight to meet Eric-Chern, Chuck, Paul and Bo for a game of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. WHFR is a funny game because where else can you find party with the following professions?

- Boatman
- Charcoal Burner
- Scribe
- Town Watchman

*** Can anyone guess which one of those characters is mine? ***

Next week, Chuck and Eric plan to play a game of "Babylon 5: A Call to Arms." Eric and Chuck are really getting into starship combat games again and are both B5 fans. Eric also lent me his boxed DVD set of the first season of B5 television episodes.

Eric wants to get the guys together to see the premier of the new Spielburg "War Of the Worlds" film tomorrow.


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