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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MINI WARGAMING: "Barbarians on the Bench" (14 October 2008)

Top: Conan says "Bring those Barbarians on!"
Hi Everyone,

I've missed posting, but my camera has been on the fritz and the Jewish holidays hit so I've been rather occupied. I haven't given up on gaming and attended a 1920s Bootlegger Gangster game last week as well as the September MWS meet in which I played a zombie game.

Dick wrote this about the September 2008 MWS meet:
Maks and Joe R. killed my zombie horde. Mostly with a flare gun, pistol, and a chainsaw. Maks's farm girl was the Lara Croft of the cornfield and Joe's Sheriff was unusually accurate for a small town lawman. Nice change of pace game.
And Mark wrote this about last week's Bootlegger Gangster game:
The Gangster game was well attended. We had the kids (Dave and Pete), George, Mike McGraw, Mike O., Roger M., Maksim, and John all play. Not bad for a first time out. The gangsters rules will need a little more work and the scenario as well. Still, it was fun and got a lot of attention as being unique.
And he wrote us this snippet beforehand:
So I will run the Gangster game this Friday. I have the trucks, figures, some buildings and 6 cobblestone sheets to be the streets. This is more a trial run of a game to be done again later.

I actually have figures for 7 gangs if we get that many players. Two gangs will be made up of former cowboy figures that work, i.e., my Pinkertons, and the figures in long coats that hide their holsters, or that are only armed with a shotgun. The actual gangster figures are the Sepia gang, the Dorians (Primarily Grey), the Cat Litter gang, (Base flocking material), My Cops (Boys in Blue), and "Fat Guys and Dolls" (6 armed women with 4 fat guys, painted by my daughter Carly).

Be there about 6 to start. Rules are a simple modification of Legends of the Old West, with Tommy guns added, melee simplified, movement and shooting order randomized and hopefully lots of prohibition gun play.

The game turned out well for a playtest session and there was plenty of rumbl'in on the streets of our berg.

My workbench has a couple of projects on it right now:

1. 28mm Samurai
(…Jones'ing to do some Oriental Adventures again, played a game early this year and loved it. Might want to try a Clan Wars themed game…)

2. 28mm Crusaders
(Also Jones'ing to do a Crusades game or a medieval siege with my Saracens. Hattin might be fun…)

3. 28mm Pirates
(Been enjoying these guys for some time now… have played several historical games and am ready for fantasy pirates games next… building up undead and orc pirate crews)

4. 28mm Barbarians AKA Picts AKA Celts AKA Gauls Etc.
(Bought a nice second-hand Minifigs army that needs to be re-based. I'd like to play WAB with it.)

I've been mostly working on the Barbarians. I think I've watched Gladiator too many times now.

Top: Barbarians; They don't look like much...
...until a zillion of 'em swarm you!

And, of course, like every gamer out there, I have half a dozen other projects, but they are all in storage waiting for attention. I can't wait to do some more 6mm or 10mm sci-fi and AIW microarmor. Amazingly, I've kept some project discipline and have been cranking out minis this year. Monsterpocalypse also makes me want to break out the kaiju… LOL ;o)

Have a great Tuesday!
And good gaming to you!


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