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Thursday, December 20, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "Car Wars Correspondence: Part-1" (20 December 2007)

TOP: Maksim's (mine) 6mm Car Wars collection is quite diverse:
Irregular, Reviresco, Khalsa Brain Games, Grenadier, Dark Horse and MORE!
Hi Everyone,

The best part about having a blog is when other folks E-mail you to correspond, share tips, give advice, and just gab...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for writing.

I always appreciate a tip, advice, or to just hear from another gamer and miniatures hobby enthusiast.

[[[Greg: Hello Sir, I've been enjoying your blog and Yahoo sites - especially recently as I've also been on the hunt for 1/285 modern civilian vehicles. ]]]

Thank you very much. A positive word or constructive criticism is always welcome.

Ever since I posted my 6mm Car Wars AKA Autoduel posts, I’ve received a lot of letters about them and seen interest rise in playing x1 scale or 6mm Car Wars. Being the original scale, one can use all of the original maps, templates and counters with no modification.

And one can get a used copy of the Car Wars pocket game very reasonably these days. I often see them go on E-bay for $5.00 USD or less.

[[[Greg: I also appreciate the links and information you've provided - a great help when I did the Golan Heights last summer. ]]]

You’re very welcome!

I’d love to hear more about your Golan Heights game. The Arab-Israeli Wars (AIW) are my favorite period for microarmour and have long been a gaming focus of mine. Please write me more about this if you have the time.

TOP: L-4's collection is mostly Grenadier...
...and the larger (8mm to 10mm) Citadel Battle Cars.
Don't yuh love the sexy stripes?

[[[Greg: A little bit ago I found this seller on E-bay:
Everydaygoodz ]]]

I had heard of this seller before, but I haven’t purchased from him yet… so your feedback is particularly valuable. Thanks!

Not only have I seen people purchase Z-scale cars from him for microarmour or x1 scale Car Wars, but I’ve also seen people buy 28mm scale civilians for use in zombie or superhero games.

[[[Greg: …and thought you might be interested. They seem to have an E-bay store dealing in z-scale (1/220) train stuff, including great bunches of plastic civilian vehicles, for pretty reasonable rates. ]]]

They also sell textured plasticard, plastic fencing, lamp posts, and a variety of other railroading hobby products at a price much less than I’ve seen elsewhere… even when you factor in the shipping.

[[[Greg: No big rigs or delivery, but lots of sedans, minivans, and such in a variety of makes and colors. ]]]

For big rigs and/or freight trucks, you have a few choices:

- GHQ (convert military trucks to civilian ones)
- Irregular…
- Evergreen or Plastruct…
- Other RR makers including Kibri…

There were other 1/285 manufacturers, but I think that all of the other makers are now out of business or have discontinued their 6mm freight trucks.

TOP: "Matilda" has been hauling Vegamite across Oz for years!
Ask my good friend, Tas! He'll tell yuh!

[[[Greg: They stand up pretty well, size-wise, with my GHQ/C-in-C stuff - perhaps similar or slightly smaller than the Irregular civvies. ]]]

Good to hear.

[[[Greg: The only slight detractors are that they come from Hong Kong, so there's a bit of a wait and… ]]]

I always worry about ordering outside of mainstream Europe, the UK & Commonwealth nations, and the continental United States.

Thanks for the info that this seller is legitimate.

[[[Greg: …they smell a bit odd. Hopefully airing them out will deal with it. A good find for me – ]]]

Hmmm…I hope the airing out works.

[[[Greg: I'm looking to do a full-on Fulda Gap this coming summer - and thought I'd pass it along. ]]]

Awesome. I miss the great Warsaw Pact / NATO games of the 1980s. They were a lot of fun. It’s sort of odd to think now that there have been abundance of signs that NATO forces might have been even more substantially superior to Warsaw Pact ones than previously imagined.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot about the Soviet experience in Afghanistan.

[[[Greg: Thanks again and I hope the interview went well, Greg. ]]]

You’re very welcome!

The job interview went great. I’m hoping that they’ll make an offer to me before the end of the week. They were definitely interested. My job interview went almost an hour and a half… much longer than one usually expects, which is usually a good sign of keen interest.

Thanks again for writing, Greg C., and giving me permission to re-post some of this E-mail!

Have a great Thursday!
And happy holidays!


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