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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HUMOUR: "Fun & Games: Losing a Wiener" (11 December 2007)


TOP: Losing a wiener?
The Gaul / Celt said...

Hi All,

The world's a mighty strange place...

AND T-shirt manufactureres have caught onto this.

The other day ago, I was speaking with a friend and mentioned that I was working on an 28mm miniatures ancients army, Gauls / Celts that is... And anyone who knows how the Gauls / Celts used to fight - knows that it was considered extremely MACHO by some Gauls / Celts, to go into battle with nothing more than a sword, blue body paint, spiked hair, and a really bad atittude, BUT... no clothes! So my friend finally gets to see these figures at a later date and confirms that they have:
Nothing more than a sword, blue body paint, spiked hair, and a really bad atittude, BUT... no clothes!
She thought that was pretty funny (Good for her!) and sent me this graphic from a T-shirt line a few days later. When my Gauls / Celts are finally ready for battle, I might just have to buy one of these T-shirts (link to a store selling them included below). The T-shirt seems strangely appropriate for an Ancient Gaul / Celt Army player...

T-shirt link here:

Thanks, Cheri!
Have a great Tuesday!
And Happy Chanukkah to my Jewish readers!


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