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Friday, December 07, 2007

FILMS: "Beowulf = Pro-Wrestling + Fantasy" (7 December 2007)


Hi All,

My buddies and I went to see Beowulf on an IMAX screen yesterday and... it was pretty bad. It was great to hang out with my buddies, but the film was marginal... at best. If I had to give it a percentage grade, it would get about a 76% or 76 / 100. A little gratuitous violence and a few zinger lines don't make a film.

TOP: Even "mostly-naked" Angelina couldn't save it...
Although one of my buddies might disagree...

If you're literary fan of Beowulf then just don't bother. PERIOD. I wouldn't take children to it either...

However, in an informal poll of my buddies, we all agreed that The 300 was more over-the-top than Beowulf... and that's not really saying much...

TOP: Is having CGI sensors attached to your face acting?
Surely it counts as voice acting?

However, if you're the type that enjoys Pro Wrestling, the kind with chairs and molls, or you like Mexican Wrestling then it might be up your alley... it did have alot of gratuitous violence... IT DID!

Wiki Beowulf Literary Work background link here:

Wiki 2007 film Beowulf entry:

So, in summation, if you have very low expectations, they'll probably be met... otherwise, wait for Beowulf to hit cheap rental video before bothering.

Have a great Friday!
And Happy Chanukkah to my Jewish readers!


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